Me, Myself & I with Suzanne Brady

Do you have feelings of not being good enough or have experiences from your past, which are then stopping you from being in a relationship or taking steps in your career or other areas of your life? 

The Me, Myself and I programme by Suzanne Brady, owner of Positive Relationships, is a five week online course which aims to give you clarity about the relationship you have with yourself. This is the most important relationship you will have and forms the foundations for your other relationships. Within this course, you will discover where all those thoughts which have been holding you back come from and can put a plan in place to overcome them.

Breakdown of the course

The course has been broken down into 5 weeks. This course is valued at £295 but will now be included as the launch programme of a new membership site coming soon.

Introduction - information event

  • Overview with Claire and Suzanne
  • Why has the programme been developed?
  • Who is the programme for?
  • What can people gain from completing the programme?
  • Why it is needed now (the effects of Covid 19)
  • An overview of the weekly topics
  • How the programme works
  • The work book 
  • The length of time needed to complete the weekly programme
  • Frequently asked questions


Week 1: Me, Myself and I..........

  • Exploring the quality of the relationship with self - Self talk -Inner critic -  Self- image - Compassion - Kindness
  • Value and belief systems - where do these come from? Are they still relevant today?
  • How to align values and belief systems to present day


Week 2: Confidence

  • What is confidence?
  • What does it look and feel like?
  • Why do we need it?
  • What can affect our levels of confidence?
  • How to build confidence - Mental muscle
  • Practical guide to increase confidence levels


Week 3: Communication

  • What is communication and why is it so important?
  • What are the different styles of communication?
  • What is my preferred style?
  • Developing effective communication skills for real life
  • Challenges with communication and how to overcome them with confidence


Week 4: Relationships/Connections

  • Relationship with self will influence all other relationships/connections - 
  • Explore different types of relationships/connections and how they differ
  • Are your relationships/connections fulfilling? 
  • How to build confidence in all relationships/connections


Week 5: Time for change

  • What do you want to change and why?
  • Clarify your needs and desires 
  • Make a decision and commit to yourself
  • Create a goal - Why this is essential to change
  • Goal achieving activities and how to keep on track
  • Review of learning

This programme will be the launch programme of a new membership site - to be announced soon. If this sounds like an event you would like to participate in please click the Register button below and we will be in contact when we have confirmed dates.