Hypnosis; fact, not fiction! You decide!

After our successful launch event (replay now available), we have again partnered with Turan from Feel Good Hypnosis for the second in our series of four events. This week's live event, which is on Wednesday 16th June 2021 at 8pm, will focus on how hypnosis can help with Weight Management, a topic that so many of us know all about the theory but are not so good at in practice!

After listening to Turan last week, a member of the audience bravely volunteered for hypnosis. She wants help with her history of yo-yo dieting, where she has previously lost a lot of weight but unfortunately says that it keeps finding her.

Patricia has now had an initial session of hypnosis with Turan and this week we will watch some clips from a recording of the session and we will be hearing from her how she found the experience and her thoughts to date.

Hypnosis can help you take control, not lose control

Hypnosis allows you to tap into the programs you are running in your head and enables you to change them so you can better manage your mind. Hypnosis is not something that is done to you. Rather hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you connect with your unwanted thoughts or behaviours enabling you to change your mindset and to change your life.

What can hypnosis help with?

Changing your mindset can improve your performance in work, in your personal life and even in your sport. We have all had stressful situations in our life, e.g. nerves before an important event, fears, habits that don't serve us, public speaking fears, infertility issues, self-limiting beliefs. Maybe you want to lose weight, but despite all the knowledge about foods, diets and exercise but there is a huge 'Knowing/Doing Gap' and something keeps holding you back.

That 'something' is what hypnosis can help you change - to take control of your eating habits or enabling you to be free from stress, give up those cigarettes, stop teeth grinding or nail-biting, or release you from phobias that have held you back in life, like fear of flying, fear of dogs, spiders etc. 


If you have previously registered for week 1 of the event, then you do not need to register again. Simply go to our Soirees Socials website on Wednesday 16th June at 8pm and Log In to get access to the live event (we will issue a reminder on Wednesday).

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