Series 2: Learn to Crochet by The Crochet Coach Marie Donnelly

After the success of our first series of Learn to Crochet, Marie Donnelly is back with her second series which is perfect for those who already have a basic understanding of application but want to advance and refine their skills. For those of you who don't know Marie, Marie Donnelly is a talented Crochet Coach from Donegal. It was from watching her father weave beautiful fabric out of wool that Marie began to take an interest in crafts.  Her grandmother was a great knitter and taught her the basic skills of knitting. It was at primary school where she first learned the basic skills of crochet. A number of years ago, Marie continued to hone her skills in the area of crochet and completed a number of crochet courses with a national and international designer. This afforded Marie the opportunity to create classic designs and further develop her crochet techniques.

Marie says, "The art of crochet is all about social connection, tapping into the creative side and empowering people to develop their skills and explore the endless opportunities of what they can do with a crochet hook and wool."


About the Crochet course

Marie will deliver a six-week course that focuses on three key elements:

  • Learning the skills of a creative craft  and taking you from hook to piece
  • The social connection of being part of a group of like-minded people
  • A relaxing and therapeutic environment where everyone learns at their own pace. 


At the end of a 6-week course in crochet, you will have a good grasp of crochet skills to carry on making pieces for yourself and gifts for others and ready to move on to more creative pieces of crochet.  A breakdown of what is included and the a in each week is as follows:


Week 1

  • Introduction to Crochet
  • Recap on the basic stitches used in Crochet – Treble, half Treble, single crochet, slip stitch
  • Types of Crochet hooks used
  • Starting with 20 chains and building 20 rows of trebles to make a square
  • Materials needed: Crochet Hook Size  4:50 or 5:00 & one ball of plain coloured wool  (Double Knit (DK) wool)


Week 2: Crochet hat       

  • 100 grams of plain coloured wool
  • Hook Size 4:50


Week 3: Cushion Cover 

  • 150 grams of two different colours of wool
  •  200 grams of one plain colour of choice
  • 2 Large buttons of your choice
  • Hook Size: 4:50


Week 4 & 5Crochet Bag

  • Hook Size: 4:50
  • 100 grams of one colour
  • 250 grams of another colour which will make up the base and the handle of the bag
  • One Large button of choice


Week 6Lace piece 

  • Hook size: 2:00
  • 150 grams of fine wool in white or cream in a very fine cotton       


Note: Patterns will be available after each class and a hat guide to use over and over again to make crochet hats. You can use Double Knit Wool for these projects or if you have any aran tweed wools you can use for the cushion cover and the bag.



Marie is holding a FREE session on Thursday, 11th, March starting at 7pm until 7:30pm using Zoom. (If you don't have Zoom download the app onto your laptop/computer)

This will be followed by a 6-week course on Thursday, 18th, March costing £49. Each class will last 90 minutes.